Information Architecture

I just bought this book from Five Simple Steps, what a fantastic book, these publish the best books. You may be thinking, that Information Architecture is not something useful for the games industry, and especially not for UI, but it is so relevant.

The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, you are developing a product for consumption, and to plan the way that information is managed and delivered within the system is essential to communicating to the user and developing a meaningful, and frustration free experience.

If you’re a website designer, intranet manager or someone without much Information Architecture experience, this book answers all those questions you were afraid to ask.

Drawing on her many years experience of practising and teaching Information Architecture, Donna Spencer guides you through some simple steps to better IA and leaves you feeling empowered and able to run your own IA projects. Whether it’s organising content, providing clear descriptions or ways for people to get to them, this book is armed with practical advice and examples.

I would recommend anyone who is serious about user experience in video games to purchase this book, it’s only¬†¬£12 and so worth every dollar.

The Test Collective: A Blog on Interaction Design in Video Games/Software/Life

The Testcollective are the ramblings on interaction design and user experience in the video game world, where such issues are very neglected, and hardly considered. I intend to share the ins and outs of user experience in the games industry. Unfortunately there are not many resources related to user experience within the games industry, and as such I intend to rewrite sources of web user experience and industrial design experience, and apply them to the games industry.

Consider it a pet project that stems from a passion. A passion that drives me to try my best to make sure that every game that I work on considers the user as much as possible when developing the human computer interaction required to use the product.