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Reminiscent of the floods in Paris in January 1910 some fantastic imagery albeit a terrible disaster.

The Three Little Pigs

Great infographic use in this piece, really compliments the style!

SWYP: See What You Print

Not much to really say except fantastic idea on humanizing the printer, and making it a standalone device.


Good interfaces create good habits.

6. Good interfaces create good habits.

When you’re first learning how to use even the best of interfaces, preserving your train of thought can be hard because so much of your mind is focused on how to use the interface, rather than on what you need to do. But as you become more proficient at using a good interface, it eventually becomes second nature—it becomes a habit, like walking or breathing. You don’t need to think about what sequence of motions you need to perform an action because it’s like your hands have memorized them as a single continuous gesture, saving you the trouble of having to think about them.

Bad interfaces, on the other hand, prevent habits from forming—or they can make you form bad habits. Have you ever closed a window and hit “Do Not Save”, only to realize a split second too late that it was exactly what you didn’t want to do? That’s a bad habit developed from using a bad interface.

Good interfaces make forming good habits really easy, and they make forming bad habits nearly impossible.

- Humanized